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Established to develop, supply and support fresh produce qualification systems, the company have grown to a leader in its field over the years.

Our optical sorting systems utilize the latest digital imaging technology. The philosophy behind the Vizier’s fruit and vegetable sorting and weighing systems is to develop specific technologies and know-how, using expertise from selected manufacturers to create systems that perform accurately and consistently. Reliability, easy maintenance and operation, as well as functional upgradeability are the hallmarks of the product solutions. Vizier excels in customer support, because it believes in having customers for life.

Grape Sizer

Vizier introduces the first optical grape sorting and packing system.

The South African invention is revolutionizing the way grapes are sorted, increasing the profitability and productivity of the table grape industry. A clever marriage of object recognition technology and conveyer belt decision making signals allows packaging lines to save both on lost grapes and labor costs.

The system sorts grapes by color, berry size and accurate loose package or punnet mass, as well as providing productivity statistics.

A major operational advantage is the ability of the sizer to change packing types, adapt packaging weights, arrange berry size classification and adjust class color bands. Packing different pack types simultaneously will simplify the allocation of resources and optimize throughput.

The sizer system is capable of determining boxes produced per sorted class. If the function is used to register the delivered grapes per batch, critical management production reports detailing costs and yield per variety or block can be produced.

By integrating a tracing system into the machine, a packed product can be traced back to its vineyard block. A further electronic and software function is throughput monitoring and both packer and cutter productivity.

Benefits to grape producers include:

-Savings of packaging costs,
-Higher quality and standardization in packing,
-Savings of wasted fruit in cleaning and cutting,
-Higher labor productivity,
-Instant monitoring of worker performance,
-Instant tracking of packing and grading statistics,
-Ability to load the packing programs into the system beforehand and implementing the desired program instantly,
-Ability to switch to different packaging types after using the system.