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GOZNAK security papers, banknotes, coins etc.

Sardas is representative agent of Association Goznak.

Association Goznak of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is the Association of State Enterprises and Organizations for Manufacturing State Notes. Goznak is the unique complex of enterprises in Russia for speciality papers, banknotes, documents and security papers, map papers (military/non-military), excise, special and postage stamps, coins and orders production.

Goznak incorporates 4 Printing Plants, 2 Paper Mills, 2 Mints and Research Institute. All the interprises of the Association are provided with modern equipment and utilize advanced technology. Enterprises of Association Goznak have licenses Nos 1, 2, 3, 4 of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to manufacture the most demanding bearer securities and guarantee high level of the products security in accordance with the securities specifications.

Having become a successor of the oldest and unique enterprises Goznak carefully pre-served the experience and traditions of the old masters. The use of historic parallels and national color imparts vivid artistic individuality to Goznak products. The products artistic qualities are integrally combined with the high level of security.

Goznak is one of the oldest enterprises of the similar kind in Europe.

Firm paper

Paper Mills of Association Goznak have 2 centuries experience of banknote and document paper production. Thanks to combining old secrets and traditions with recent developments, state-of-the-art engineering and technology the Association papermaking has become genuine art.
Today Paper Mills of Association Goznak offer the customer the following paper range.

Passports and Documents

Goznak identity documents, passports and travel documents has many years of experience in manufacturing. Empty pages of passports characteristics, personal information and photographs should be a perfectly integrated software and hardware used in the promotion.

Paper for production of securities

(shares, bonds, certificates etc.) - with the local, band, general watermark; with the trade containing microtext and other security features. Firm paper - for office activity, form of a company production, that will allow the customer to form his own original and refined style with the custom - made watermarks. The paper is suited for printers and copying machines.


The safety of banners, quality standards, transportation, and extremely important signs indicating vergilendirildiğini. The number and type of product should be used tax stamps is increasing every day.

Papermaking process flows are fit with the unique equipment, including cylinder mould paper machines, lines of sheet paper automatic cutting, sorting and counting of well-known companies "Voith" , "Goebel", "Bielomatik", Will", "Ahlstrohm".

postage - stamp paper - gummed coated one - side paper;

Office paper for A-4, A-3 xerocopying and various printers, also in rolls, for engineering (plotters) with xerographic, jet and other image reproduction technique; writing paper; offset paper of different colors; technical paper - wall, diazotype tracing, diagram, wrapping paper.

Coins and Medals

300 years of experience in design and technology of coin has Goznak. Moscow and St. Petersburg, mints, talent and experience of employees, the Western European countries, and quality control systems is provided by combining the latest technology equipment in mint, coin and medal production.