Perry Slingsby Systems - Sardas Co.Ltd.

Perry Slingsby Systems, Ltd.

Under Sea Applications

-Civil Infrastructure Construction
-Oil and Gas Expoloration
-Cable Burials
-Scientific Research
-Armed Forces
-Law Enforcement
-45 years continuous design and manufacturing of Remotely Operated Vehicles
-The world’s largest independent ROV supplier
-More than 450 ROV systems in service worldwide

Experience, Dedication & Vision

Perry Slingsby Systems has the experience, dedication and vision to provide clients with working solutions to their remote intervention needs. For nearly half a century we have solved customers’ challenges with design and engineering innovations that have become the industry benchmark of reliability and cost efficiency.



Perry Slingsby Systems today, is a result of the strengths of the past. Lessons learned and the volume of cumulative experience over time, provide the platform upon which all future developments will be based.


Perry Slingsby Systems experience is applied to each and every new endeavour. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We understand the cost of doing business in remote and hostile environments and that managing these costs requires systems of the utmost efficiency and reliability, backed by world class service and technical support.


The industries in which we operate are in a state of continual change. The requirement for new design and engineering innovations is constant. Market driven research and development underlies all of our current and potential future offerings, ensuring our expertise is applied to the areas today, which will take our business to where it needs to be tomorrow.

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