Osku - Sardas Co.Ltd.


Grape guards were first introduced to the Turkish market by Sardas enabling the export of fresh tables grapes to long distance markets. Through this technology, packers are able to store table grapes up to 90 days without any decays on the product.

Today, Sardas represents world’s biggest grape guard producer; OSKU of Chile.

OSKU Grape Packing Materials
Osku began its operations in 1983. Osku has held for many years, a national and international market position in response to its quality and efficiency in its prime product, mainly the OSKU-VID sulphur dioxide Grape Guard, a device which releases SO2 and protects packed table grapes during storage and transportation from decay caused by the Botrytis cinerea Pers.

OSKU Products
Absorbed Pads Grape Guards Grape Bags
Euro Carry Slider
Max2 Poly Slider
Max3 Tesco
Packing Diagram of OSKU Grape Guard Products
1. Polyethilene Liner (Bag)
2. Paper Liner
3. Corrugated Cardboard or Paper Pad
4. Paper Liner
5. Wrapped or Packed Bunches (Using Poly Bags or Paper)
6. Paper Liner (Closed)
7. Two Sheets of Paper or Absorb Pad
8. Osku-Vid Grape Guard
9. Corrugated Cardboard