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AMCOR Flexibles MAP Fresh Produce Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP covers any packaging that is designed so that when the package is filled and closed the result is an atmosphere inside that is modified as compared with air.

Amcor P-Plus

Amcor P-Plus is a range of tailored permeability micro perforated films for modified atmosphere packaging of fresh produce. The oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are adjusted naturally to create a modified atmosphere. The concentrations of O2 and CO2 within the equilibrium modified atmosphere depend on the products’ respiration rate, temperature, microbial load, permeability of film, pack weight, size and volume.

Benefits of Amcor P-Plus Packaging:

- Extends shelf life at chill, time dependent on product quality & storage conditions.
- Delayed ripening, significant slowing down of fruit coloration.
- Softening is reduced.
- Harvesting can be closer to full maturity than normal export fruit, resulting in improved color and sugar levels
- Retention of fresh taste and juicy texture, delayed mealiness of fruit.
- Minimum ağırlık kaybını sağlar.(%1 den az)
- Superior produce quality at point of sale.