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About Us

Sardas Co. Ltd. is located in Ankara,Turkey. It began its operations in 1981 as part of an initiative proposed by a group of resourceful Turkish enterpreneurs. The idea was to import technologically developed finished goods or those products to be used as raw materials and semi-finished goods which are needed to complete the finished goods . In short, to import newly developed goods and/or basic products to renovate and replace old production systems by using newly developed inputs. Namely, for achieving this aim, Sardas, selected those finished products or those basic inputs that are used in those individual sectors such as agriculture, health, electro-optics and banking, etc. and which are very difficult to produce in less devoloped or developing countries due to their requirements of highly sophisticated scientific researches for their production.

As a principle Sardas worked as the sole representative of those foreign companies which has been known as their products are based on scientific research and thus the quality of their products are continously improving.

Sardas, now represents several foreign companies either as their exclusive distributors or exclusive agents in a quite large areas of economic regions such as Turkey, Middle East Countries and/or Central Asian Turkish Republics. Sardas achieved on one hand remarkable sales growth for its mother companies and on the other hand created new opportunity avenues for agricultural or industrial production for the economies in which Sardas operates.