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The problem with fresh produce is that it quickly stops being fresh! Spoilage costs the industry billions every year. However, our innovative and proven technology extends the storage life of foodstuffs throughout the supply chain. Many growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are now reducing wastage and increasing their profits with our simple to use, highly effective products.

Even better, biofresh ethical technology uses only the natural gases of ozone and ethylene. Our sophisticated store atmosphere control systems leave none of the residues often associated with more conventional post-harvest treatments.

All of which is great news for the food industry's reputation amongst consumers. Biofresh innovation is solving problems and improving food quality worldwide. To find out how we can help you, visit one of our websites below.

Fresh produce kept fresher for longer – without pesticides

Biofresh is the market leader in ethical fresh food storage. Our state of the art atmosphere control systems are improving the quality and marketability of fresh produce worldwide.

biofresh ozone management systems generate and control ozone at levels which sanitise the storage environment, prevent microbial spoilage and maintain fresh produce quality more effectively than ’traditional’ chemical–based methods.

Ozone is a naturally occurring sanitising agent. (The clean smell after a thunderstorm is ozone created by lightning). It breaks down into oxygen leaving none of the harmful residues of detergents and pesticides.

biofresh ozone systems are successfully in use throughout the supply chain to reduce spoilage, improve profitability and enhance the ethical credentials of the companies who use them.

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Proven technology

- Biofresh ozone management systems generate and monitor controlled levels of ozone in the storage and transit environment. They are simple, cost effective and absolutely safe to operate.

- The biofresh system operates within ozone levels found naturally in the atmosphere. Ozone naturally degrades to oxygen; there are no residues, no contamination and no disposal issues.

- The biofresh systems may be used to help reduce the amount of some conventional, post-harvest pesticides, many of which are perceived negatively by regulatory authorities, consumers and increasingly by retailers.

- Biofresh systems are available for stores of any size.

Product range

Bofresh systems for post harvest crop treatment of mixed fruit and vegetable stores

New biofresh OZ80 is for smaller cold rooms up to 80 cubic meters, with a built in timer it can be programmed to turn on and off at set times of day or night. The machine generates ozone from ambient air and the levels of ozone can be adjusted to suit the type of produce being stored. The unit is wall mounted and simply requires a fused 240v electricity supply. The OZ80 is supplied on a rental basis. Our technical team will install and maintain it for you at a modest monthly fee.

Bofresh OZ1000 and OZ2000 are for larger storage areas from 80 cubic meters up to 1000 and 2000 cubic meters respectively. These two systems generate ozone from pure oxygen supplied via an integral oxygen concentrator unit. Levels of ozone are monitored and controlled within prescribed health and safety limits by technically advanced sensors. Both of these systems are proven in commercial environments.

Biofresh system for decontamination

Biofresh OZ DCU is a portable unit for the decontamination of a wide variety of environments – including fresh produce stores, food preparation areas and transit containers. High levels of ozone are generated which inactivates microbes, removes off odours and curbs moulds and fungal contaminants. Following the decontamination cycle, the system moves automatically into de-activation mode which removes the ozone much faster than by natural degeneration. This allows the storage space to be re-entered almost immediately by operators.

Biofresh health and safety systems for monitoring ozone in the workplace

Biofresh OZ MC monitor / controller is the most advanced and accurate on the market. It meets the emerging statutory health and safety requirement for indicating that ambient levels of ozone are safe to work in.


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